Mayonnaise, the eggless way

Most people who know me offline too know how much I hate traffic. Traffic in Mumbai is one of the most talked about things after the rains, especially in this rainy, wet season. So traffic. Then other woes like auto rickshaws or auto rickshaws in Andheri east. But no, I won’t digress.

But there remains a special evening and a special auto ride back home, when I shared a rick with a fellow stranded and just as frustrated commuter.  She was a really young girl who worked at a five-star hotel close to my office. Now I know she was really young because she insisted I was closer to her mother in age. Hmmph. It was a miracle I didn’t push her out or leave her stranded on the pavement.

As much as these comment alternatively made me laugh and made me want to strangle her, her occupation with her occupation puzzled me the most. As young people are wont, she kept blubbering out details of her life, largely unasked. I guess kindness in Andheri east can do that to you. She was a trainee in the kitchen at the hotel. The one thing that the hotel industry did do for her is kill all the tasty dishes for her.

“Chocolate mousse has uncooked egg whites,” she exclaimed in horror. “Did you know?” Yes I nodded. “Mayonnaise?! It has raw egg too.” I nodded there too. She looked sad and bereft, feeling the keen weight of her taste memory being destroyed. I never forgot her or her expressions.

I, of course never gave up eating either for the raw egg factor. But today when I saw this Mark Bittman recipe, the first person I remembered was her.


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