Why hadn’t I done it?

Among the earliest food blogs I loved and stuck to was the Gluten Free Girl and after a while it didn’t matter that I did not visit her blog for the food or the pictures or anything food related but just to read someone discover their relationship with food that is good for them. Today I read some posts of hers and in those posts she talks about her relationship with food.

It is an important aspect for anyone who constantly battles self-image issues and links eating with guilt and weight. Relationship with food plays such an important role that even without any specific health conditions like hers or even mine, just learning to enjoy food is a rare experience which merits self-discovery.  It is something very few people are encouraged as children, rarely in Indian households, and after a point, food becomes all a chore with a little of what everyone wants.

It has taken me considerable courage to try vegetables I could have sworn I would never eat  and not only eat them, but learn to enjoy them. Relish them. Debate their flavours. I hope to be able to pass on that curious spirit to my sister but it continues to be a work in progress. But today I don’t shy away from any food (perhaps only meat but it causes me little grief) because I know I will find a way to enjoy that food.
Reading her post today and her basic pointers of acceptance of your condition, and in a certain way of your body, is paramount. Unless you accept, you will not learn to revel in the choices you make. You will also not seek out the best possible options. You will not want to make food fun and creative and it will be a limited diet for you, which you will only notice for not allowing you to eat certain food items.

Someone recently asked me how to make nice salads. I didn’t really have a ready-made answer for her but told her start with the things you like and work backwards to make salads. You probably see it but I didn’t then and yes, it is a practice that can be applied to every aspect of life. Pick what you like and everything else becomes simpler for you.


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