Every bite should be a perfect bite.

Salads have slowly grown into my life, taking on a position that now cannot be dislodged. I initially began eating salads because I had to eat salads. Roughage and nutrition and many other great things that no other food can actually act as a substitute for.

But then, as the years passed, I realised how much I had come to love salads. Enough to establish the need for texture. Enough to make some really cool original salads. Enough to realise how much mayonnaise and thousand island dressing are foul for salads. Enough to realise mayonnaise is so cool and way more tastier when made at home. Enough to throw in fruits and grains too.

Often I see people dousing salads with tart dressings, till every leaf, every shard and every bit is coated. My tongue curls up seeing that. I would hear ‘extra mayo’ and would have to stop myself from lecturing people about using mayonnaise in a dish, which like ketchup, kills all taste. And I would wonder what makes a salad so tasty yet so light yet so novel every time on my tongue. Today I realised why. A little element of everything add just the right amount of sweetness, sourness, salt and bitterness to every bite, making a perfect bite every single time. Which is not an experience I can repeat with most food dishes.

This is movie which introduced me to the perfect bite.

The salad in question which led to this epiphany: The KGC Chef’s salad at the Kala Ghoda Cafe.


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