Green is fresh

In the last few days I have developed an aversion to non-vegetarian food. It was something that hit me unbeknownst. One day I just woke up nauseous to smell and flavour of chicken. With an allergy to seafood and egg, I wondered if it was time to see if I could live a vegetarian existence.

It’s then that I realised that vegetarians have hardly any tasty choices. Most sabzis showcase potatoes or paneer or matar. All vegetables are killed in masalas. Nobody pays attention to nuances in vegetables. And it’s a habit, unfortunately, we have brought into our homes too.

Today morning I got up yearning for a sabzi I ate years ago at lunch at a quaint place in Mahableshwar, called Aaram. Stunningly, simple Maharashtrian fare. The emphasis of the food was the freshness of the ingredients.

That’s what I wanted. And this is what I got.

A simple dish of fresh French beans, fresh coconut, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and salt.


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