Being single is a great thing.

The biggest problem about cooking, as I constantly hear, is cooking for a single person. It is difficult and almost impossible to to eyeball a recipe.

I have always take the coward’s way out. Made enough to last me (and my family members) for a few meals. But often, as good as the cake or curry is, it isn’t always enjoyed meal after meal. Some where along the way, when I realised I love cooking, I made my peace with eating a dish repeatedly but never thought I could actually search for recipes catering to “1”.

Then I discovered the blog world where I discovered cake for one, cheesecake for one, an entire recipe book for one and finally today, the (quickest) pancake for one.

It brought me back here , albeit with a very bad picture. But it is a great recipe for a pancake and though prescribed for one, it would do  you good to share it.


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