This book makes me cook: February

The book this month (or should I say last month) was Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Meyes .. and have to say despite initial doubts about the book (and the fact that I did not like the movie), I actually enjoyed the book.

Her writing is very rich with details and has really evocative analogies. It talks beautifully of food, of building, of plants and vegetables and fruits, of farming, of historical buildings, of re-building and certainly pushes you into thinking this is what I want to. Build and grow and watch things take shape.

It’s a simple story of a couple buying a house in Tuscany and spending the next 2-3 years re-building it. Along the way they grow their own olives, get their olive oil, eat fruits of their own trees, eat basic but eat well.. and make technology redundant.

I loved the book and decided to attempt a pizza though one thing I learnt in the book is that pizza does not Italian food make. There is so much more to it. Hopefully will try many more recipes.


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