My weekend of unwinding

A busy work week can play hell on all cooking plans. That’s how I have spent the last two-three weeks. Grabbing every opportunity to read and finish the book this month, cook and yes, do my best at my day job.

But this long weekend made for a long plan for the kitchen and it helped that I was alone at home.. and unsurprisingly, the thing I didn’t plan was what I enjoyed the most.

Blondies that met brownies. My first shot with white chocolate. There was less of sugar, more of butter and a distinct miss of a crunch.

It even looked pretty before it was cut.

The thing about clocking late hours in the office is the decided lack of good tasty wholesome food that you are stuck with. Take out caters to spice and high carbs and less nuanced flavour. So one of the first meals over the weekend was simple and completely healthy.  And so incredibly filling.

Simple, boiled chickpeas, sauteed with cumin seeds and oven roasted potatoes with chilli jam. Super!

Another venture through the weekend was a loaf of bread. A huge one this time with a stellar crust. taste, albeit, not-so-stellar. Am just discovering the oven we have bought so every loaf of bread is a surprise.

Things I could not photograph due to high intoxication levels:

Homemade pizza from here and bread-butter-chocolatechip pudding.

There was  a lot more on the list but then …there is something to be said for high expectations..even from one self.


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