Pie it up

Pies have been a nemesis for me, just like bread and yeast. But since am brave and determined to try new things, I went and bought a pie mould.

The one thing i’ve learnt (and learnt the hard way) is to always make a small amount of the recipe. It always helps especially as it becomes easy to scale if it turns out well. And as is the case with me, frequently, if it’s not turned out that well, there’s a smaller portion of it to finish up

So the pie mould had to be a miniature one. In my head, that was the first step. It took a while for my head to catch up.

One of the biggest ingredients of pie (and my biggest stumbling block) was the crust. All that butter always made me hesitate. Butter just didn’t go down well with me and I kept postponing and postponing.. till I stumbled upon her recipe.That was it.

Here lies my first attempt at pie. Here’s to many more.

Filling was  simple chocolate + cream+ a little butter. But it didn’t set to the consistency I would want, so suggestions are welcome.


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