Come September


If you look hard enough, there is always some batch of bloggers around the world who have a similar yen to match yours, and with whom you could share the fun from your kitchen.

It’s the National Biscuit Month, as I discovered. Yay. Cookies. That’s the yen that struck me (and matched the Biscuit Month perfectly) after a disastrous experiment with a an unnamed clafoutis some weeks ago. And cookies did I bake. Of course cookies are not entirely classified as biscuits but it often satisifes similar urges.

Some weeks ago on television, while watching Rachel Allen: Bake I realised, if I were to completely ignore my aversion to ‘white’ goods (read ‘maida’), making cookies would really be a breeze.

With that resolution, I decided to experiment with a few basic cookies I know had a potential to become really popular flavours at home.

coffeeSo the first batch was a basic butter, sugar, flour and instant coffee granules. The coffee flavour really deepened as the days passed.


The second batch (larger than the initial experiment) was oatmeal and peanut cookies. Misshapen and not very sweet, this actually became my favourite.


The last batch ( I think I assumed chocolate looks good in any size or form) were chocolate chip cookies. Instead of chips I have large hacks from a bar of bitter chocolate. Cocoa in the batter would have really worked here.

But all in a very satisfying baking experience.



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