Warm, comforting goodness


Soups are my salvo. There is never a season when I will refuse a bowl of soup. Any kinds is welcome — creamy soups, thick broths, yummy stews, runny clear soups and even the hideous Indian chinese soups.

But there is one place I always stop at — at packet soups. Yes, it helps in a pinch. Yes they are good emergency rations. Yes. Yes. Yes. But for me, making soups from scratch is just as fast and without a whiff of preservatives.

Sometimes soups shine on their own and sometimes need an extra nudge to truly become something spectacular. This particular soup was some thing like that.

It was a basic soup of tomato and doodhi or bottle gourd. With some salt and a dash of milk. I kept looking at it and wondering how I could liven the soup.


That’s when a corn-and-onion topping struck me. I carmelised the onions and threw in some frozen corn. Charred that too. And waited till it all came together, in a golden-brown, slightly gooey panful.

It completely elevated the mundane soup and opened my mind to other crunchy, flavourful and colourful toppings for soup.

Any ideas?



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