MEC: Breezy Breakfasts: The quickest chocolate cake ever!

DSCN1523One of the best pick-me-ups is chocolate cake. But since it is a cake, it still needs planning. Basic ingredients – check. Oven out – check. Temperature and inclination after all preparations – check. .But there are days when you want some chocolate cake instantly. And I mean I.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y.

MECLogo_BreakfastThen I chanced on this announcement for a breezy microwave breakfast and the idea came to me like bolt from the blue. This recipe that I saw in passing and remembering that I had felt a strong yen to try it.

Albeit not the most healthy dish for a breakfast, it certainly more than satisfies the craving for a quick chocolate cake and can be eaten with a variety of toppings including ice cream, creamy dahi, tart fruits or stewed dried fruits or more chocolate. Also, what better way to begin a lazy Sunday breakfast?

DSCN1521To make up for the sheer decadence of the chocolate cake, I used whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose four. That meant a little more baking powder but felt good while eating. Made it a little more wholesome by topping it with quick-cooking oats.

Another tweak I did was added a chopped mini bar of Mars (there were no chocolate chips at hand).

To make up for this sheer bliss, I do plan to make a healthier breakfast. But till then, start a new love affair with your microwave.



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