I love hummus. Unbelievably. More after I realised how easy peasy it is to make it.  It was always one of the million bookmarked, copy-pasted, saved and (even) printed recipes that I would one day try.

About a year ago I made it for the first time and realised how easy, healthy and tasty something like chick peas can be. I say healthy because I do not use too much oil and whatever I do is in the form of sesame and/or olive oil.

It’s only after making it at home that I realised I did not like hummus available outside. It’s too smooth, too satiny and too pat to be tasty. Only homemade ones rock for me now. hummus1

Recently, for a friend’s birthday I tried experimenting with two flavours:

The first was an obvious  generous spoonful of chilli powder or paprika. A lovely red hue it took on. But I was obviously too cautious because it wasn’t very spicy. Will throw in another tablespoon the next time.

The second flavour was a relatively common addition of roasted cumin seeds. To give it a slight twist, I even added some coriander powder with it. And for a better crunch, I topped the bowl with added roasted cumin seeds and black sesame seeds.

It was served with sliced cucumbers and chips.


Now I can’t wait to to experiment with more flavours:

  • Olives
  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Any other flavours that can be tried? Pesto perhaps?

For a great, scalable basic hummus recipe, try this one.


One thought on “Hummus

  1. try roasting red bell peppers with a hint of olive oil on a non stick pan and add it to the mix while blending it. 🙂

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